Innovation at the Made In France Expo

Yesterday at the Porte de Versailles Expo Park, I was very happy to see that the Made In France Expo now includes an Innovation section… FrenchTech Fever is catching on. Some great projects that stood out : Cityzen Sciences’ sensor-embedded fabrics, Eon Motors’ Weez Microcar, Dragon Skal’s fire resistant composite, Mooville’s electric delivery car, Plum Ski Mounts and Skinjay shower capsules :

Cityzen Science D-Shirt

Cityzen Sciences’ Smart Fabrics

The D-shirt embeds multiple micro-sensors into an athletic t-shirt in order to monitor variables like temperature, heart rate, speed, acceleration, and so on. The data can then be used to help professional and amateur athletes alike improve their performance.

Weez Microcar

Eon Motors’ Weez Microcar

Weez is a 3-seat electric microcar with an effective range of 60km. It can be recharged from any electrical outlet in just 3 and a half hours.

Dragonskal Composite

Dragon Skal’s fire resistant composite

A mineral composite offering A1/M0 fire resistance suitable for industrial, exterior and interior design applications.

Mooville Electric Delivery Truck

Mooville’s electric delivery truck

The Mooville is an electric vehicle focused on “last-mile” deliveries. It is 100% electric, compact and modular with an autonomy of 90 kilometers.
Plum manufactures ultra-light and strong ski and snowboard mounts.

Skinjay Shower Head

Skinjay Shower Capsules

This was one of my favorite concepts of the day. No, that’s not a Nespresso capsule, that’s a spa experience in your shower using nebulised essential oils mixed into your shower water. You simply connect the Skinjay module before your shower head and insert the spa capsule of your choice: aromatherapy, sea salts, algae, spa essential oils…  Brilliant.


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